We would like to formally and humbly thank everyone who has generously donated their time, purchased tickets in support of our fund raiser and in-kind product donations to such a worthy cause. We look forward to your patronage and continued support in the future.

 A special thank you to contributors of both charity benefit and children's Christmas party:


Raymond & Pierre;   

National Flour Mills;    

Romance Gardens; 

Caribbean Airlines;

AS Bryden

Angostura Lts.

International Real Estate Consulting;  

Trinidad Asphalt Pavers

E-Tech;           EOG;        

FCB-Arima;         RBL Long Cir;        

 TSTT;           SWAT;       

IPSL;  MTS;            COTT;    

Logos Construction;     Prestige Holding;

 Simon Musical;     CW Interior;

Repsol;     Carpet World;  

Kadmin Pharmacy;     Cuna Caribbean;  

Ministry of Education;    

POS Mayor's Office;   

Pt. Fortin Mayor's Office;    

Min of Legal Affairs;

National Lottery Board;      

Coca Cola Ltd;      

T&T Import and Export Co;

CMA Produce;    

Kiss Bakery;         Shannon's Bakery;       

Mario's Pizza;     Adam's Bagels;

Tower Industrial;         SM Jaleel;     

Samba Brewing Co;          Glaxo Smith Ltd;  

El Pico's;      Bermudez Biscuit Co;           

Kater Serve ;     Holiday Snacks;   

Subway Restaurant;       Bos Burgers ; 

Flavorite Foods;      Daco Ice Co;         Sun Delight

Bravo  Int'l;       Albrasco's Ltd;      

Carib Brewery;   Water One

Advantage Ad;     Airport Authority;  

 Schnick Ltd;     Xpert Recruitment;     V's Travel;   

Super Pharm;         Huggins Travel;         TT Express;       

Col Fire;    Imex;        Sarac Lrd.       Eastern Credit Union; 

Mr. Peter Elias;    Mrs. Elizabeth Jones;  Ms. Gabby Azar;    Mr. Fabrice;  

 Pallai;        Mc Comie;     Raymond Joseph;

 Cascadia Hotel;   Hilton Hotel;    Carlton Savannah Suites;   Marriot Hotel; 

Jen Care Spa        

T&T Police Mount Branch;    T&T Coast Guard;

T&T Regiment;    T&T Air Guard;

Ace Printers;        Caribbean Shade;   

Marketing & Distribution Co.

Charles Linsay Crown;     Clamens & Associates;   

Education Facilities;     Feel Toys

Roplas Industries;        Day Agencies Ltd.       

Neal & Massey Auto;   

Louis Nurse & Linx;        Mayaro The Band;       

Learie Joseph;     Eddie Charles Band  

Holiday Inn Express;        

Maraj and Sons Ltd.

Vintage Wine

Office Ink Services